Remember when Tuesday nights used to mean Gilmore Girls? Now it's reality shows (Idol, Biggest Loser), superficial but fun teenage shows (90210, Privileged) and various procedurals (SVU, The Mentalist). We'll nap until The Daily Show.


The Daily Show with Jon Stewart [11 PM, Comedy Central] - Dev Patel pimps Slumdog Millionaire tonight. If you haven't been watching lately, you've been missing some of the weirdest, funniest comedy (Scumdog Million-Hairs, "Gitmo" - a terrorist parody of Elmo) of the Jon Stewart era and some of the best interviews (Neil deGrasse Tyson, Lawrence Lindsey) on late night television. The Colbert Report's audience is usually better (last night's Daily Show audience was nearly comatose), but Stewart is at the top of his game. All those fears about having a competent President have been allayed because there is more that enough material in the failures of Obama's staff to pay their taxes. The best part of the show used to be the correspondent interactions, but Stewart is doing the heavy lifting these days. Luckily, Comedy Central streams it all online, so do yourself a favor and catch up.

The IT Crowd [11 PM, IFC] - It's the third season premiere of this British comedy about an information-technology team that work out of a basement. Tonight, boss Douglas Reynholm (Matt Berry) faces a financial crisis. For Soup-lovers, Joel McHale would have starred in the American version of this workplace comedy had it not been prematurely axed.


The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson [12:35 AM, CBS] - Speaking of weird late night talk shows, last night's episode of LLS featured a puppet lip-synching cold open. "Magic Week" continues tonight with close-up specialist/mentalist (not The Mentalist) Jason Randal. Monte Carlo Las Vegas favorite Lance Burton kicked the week off last night, and Friday features a special surprise magic act. We're hoping for Steve Martin or self-described "talk show magician" Neil Patrick Harris.

Yard Crashers [11 PM, DIY] - As the plucky younger brother of Food Network and HGTV, the DIY Network has to find ways to make its programming stand out. Most of us are still in the renting stage of adult life (from here we go onto the property ownership or living under a staircase in Little Armenia stage), so most of DIY is irrelevant, but this show is sort of fun. In each episode, professional landscaper Ahmed Hassan lurks around in random home improvement stores, awkwardly picks a lucky shopper and then helps transform the shopper's backyard. In tonight's show, Ahmed makes over a yard with a huge fountain and bamboo fencing. The American dream is alive and well if someone named Ahmed Hassan can lurk around a store that sells fertilizer and have no one bats an eye.


A Double Shot At Love [10 PM, MTV] - With Bromance over, we're ready for MTV to clear the decks and find some new ways to exploit people who want to be famous but are not disciplined or driven enough to cultivate a talent. This show was not a good use of that ever-expanding pool. In tonight's series finale, Rikki and Vikki choose between surfer Trevor and hard-partying Rebekah. For reference, the girls eliminated the last contestant Scott because the girls didn't think he had enough energy for their date.