Noted drunk college drop-out David Plouffe just got a million-plus dollar book deal, and he doesn't even have a Tumblr. (Does he?) Here's the dumbest quote from the story:

"For those of us who had been Obama supporters and received dozens, if not hundreds of e-mails throughout the campaign from David Plouffe, you came away with the feeling that you knew this guy and wanted to know more," Viking President Clara Ferraro told the AP. "His e-mails were very motivating and sincere. I would read one of them and think, `This campaign is so smart.'"

Yeah, Plouffe's unique and exciting voice really shone through in those tedius, endless fundraising emails, right? Let's give book deals to everyone who spams our inbox! Congratulations, Chaffey Community Republican Women of California! And FreshDirect!

Now Plouffe is rich! And he decided not to go work for the administration, so he totally doesn't even have to pay his taxes if he doesn't want to.