The Christian Bale freak-out remixes keep on coming! The latest is a mash-up of his crazed, on-set rant and the odious trailer for He's Just Not That Into You, a movie for ugly people.

Before you get upset, let me clarify. I mean ugly people. People who like to imagine that the (unending!!!!!) struggle between members of the opposite sex (the gay people are just cute little helpers in this movie's world, like forks and spoons from Beauty and the Beast) is quantifiable and universal. Here's a hint: it's not! And even the doggishly handsome Justin Long can't boil the whole gurgling circus down to a safe little o.b. size. So why are you spending money on the stupid movie, an act which tangentially involves giving Greg Behrendt money. You don't want to do that.

Anyway, the clip is very funny. Because the word "fuck" is funny and because all of the people in this movie need to be yelled at, for hours.

[via Vulture]