Mickey Kaus seems to think that the fact that HuffPo's unpaid contributors and underpaid staffers aren't unionized is proof that unions are Bad and Don't Work and are Bad for America.

(Mickey Kaus is the noted liberal Democrat blogger who hates unions and immigrants.)

Then he seems to insinuate that a union drive at HuffPo's headquarters would involve intimidation tactics by SEIU, and the terrible, nightmarish end result he predicts: Sam Stein and the wonderful Jason Linkins get rich, on Arianna's dime. Which would be terrible! For everyone! Can you imagine? The HuffPo management not being allowed to fire anyone they like based on Arianna's mercurial whims! Content-producers getting paid to produce content!

Unless he's arguing simply that rich liberals are hypocrites, which, welcome to the working week, Mickey. But, hah, the fact that a rich person wouldn't want their company unionized and that such a unionization would basically be impossible to accomplish at the moment and the fact that the end result of such a unionization would be that good workers like Linkins would be better-compensated is basically the argument for the terrible scary Card Check legislation, so good for you, Mickey, you are doing the lord's work.