Did you know that acclaimed pancake-head artist Dan Lacey is also an erotic cartoonist? It's true! But now his eBay-ing rights are under attack from a dreaded conservative blogger.

One dude in Texas is extremely upset that Dan, the sexiest pancake renderer of our generation, is selling this artful version of that nude Madonna picture on eBay:

Well, the more I thought about this just-plain-creepy stuff, the more upset I got about it. This is not really art; it’s just ego-indulgence on the part of the artist. Why in the world anyone would want to buy this is beyond me.


So i complained to Ebay. The full-frontal stuff is a direct violation of Ebay’s TOS. The “Ugly Betty” stuff is just plain creepy. And the rest is just . . . weirdly inappropriate for a family-oriented site.

Family-oriented? What about the thousands and thousands of sex toys and stuff they sell? Needless to say, hefty bidding on this cartoon will serve as a powerful free market rebuke to the asexual wingnuts. [Fleshbot]