After a glowing NYT write-up and a new night of the week, we're hoping Life starts to see better ratings. Sadly, the boost from Knight Rider dissolves quickly in American Idol's jetwash.


Life [9 PM, NBC] - Many developments are afoot in front of and behind the camera for Life. The mid-season climax of Crews (Damian Lewis) getting shot by a mysterious drive-by shooter will start to iron itself out tonight. In other news, co-star Sarah Shahi is pregnant, so Crews will have a series of partners while she has the baby, though she will appear in episodes (usually shot from the chest up, behind a desk or over the shoulder, presumably).

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno [11:35 PM, NBC] - Drew Barrymore
Late Night with Conan O'Brien [12:35, NBC] - Ginnifer Goodwin
Jimmy Kimmel Live! [12:05 AM, ABC] - Justin Long
Chelsea Lately [11:30 PM, E!] - Greg Behrendt
He's Just Not That Into You hopes you will be into a small percentage of the cast as they make the talk show rounds. This film might be better that you think, but catching all these appearances might be impossible. Our undying respect to any individual that can sit through four people talking about how much fun they had on this film and relating one or two anecdotes from their lives that tie into the themes of the film ("Well, ACTUALLY I did have this crush in high school...").


Moonshine [8 PM, National Geographic] - We've actually had moonshine before and more than an hour is necessary to fully describe its liver-convulsing effects on the mind and body. This show takes a more scientific-historical approach to the homemade hooch, covering the history of the illegal backwoods liquor, its dangers and the relationship it has to NASCAR. But seriously, if you are ever offered some sort of undefined clear liquor in a jar, go for it. The only thing you have to lose is years off your life.


"All Access" Grammy Special [9 PM, CBS] - Katie Couric interviews past and present Grammy nominees including Lil' Wayne, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake. If that wasn't enough youth culture for you, there are also appearances by Jonas Brothers, Carrie Underwood, Ne-Yo, Kid Rock, Duffy, T-Pain, Jordin Sparks and Metallica. CBS usually does well with older demos, so they're throwing a bone to the text-messaging set with this special. Fine. Give the young people what they want, but hopefully Couric will loosen up a little bit and break it down like the old Today Show days. No one wants another Barbara Walters-type special with unnecessary glamour lighting and montages of celebrities walking around their estates.