· With all this Bale nonsense, we thought everyone could use a lesson in tolerance, good manners, and old fashioned friendship. Meet Peanut the rat, and his pal Rahj, the cat. Their love goes on.

· Look, Shane Hurlbut interrupted the emotional lynchpin of the entire Terminator Salvation story! Now people who dress up as its characters for Halloween might wind up looking totally ridiculous.
· "Penn. Rourke Hathaway. Streep. We're on a first name basis." Um...are you sure about that, LAT?
· Vanity Fair gets a sneak peek at NBC's fall schedule.
· "Goddamnit, Shirl—Nazi zombies again! Traffic's gonna be backed up for miles. Better call your mom."
· Wired counts down the Top 10 Celebrity Rants Caught on Tape.
· Dancing with the Stars casting rumor: Denise Richards and Steve-O. Two more reasons not to watch!
· Well, lookee here: Bikini Girl rides again.
· And because we can't resist: one more Bale mashup, this time with seminal Disney newsboy musical, Newsies.