The Nob Hill Gazette, a San Francisco "society" publication, has come up with a list of area eligibles, including a wife beater and more than one gay man. Hard to be a straight woman here!

Which tech industry notables are on the list, and what's the catch with these supposed Silicon Valley catches?

Arjun Gupta, a venture capitalist best known for being accused of beating his former wife. A restraining order filed in the case was due to expire next Sunday.

Christian Oestlien, a Google product manager with his own startup. Makes his own wine, practices "Brazilian jiujitsu," and occasionally deejays. Which means he just doesn't have time for you, ladies.

Robert Pazornik, the Yale-educated former CEO of LicketyShip, a package-delivery startup. Oh yeah, I said it: a package-delivery startup. Extremely hot and given to wearing tight T-shirts, but unemployed since May, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Jason Pressman, managing director, Shasta Ventures. We haven't heard anything salacious about Pressman (if you have, do tell), but the Gazette says this "avid scuba diver" "enjoys planning bachelor parties."

Jeremy Stoppelman, the seriously hunky Yelp cofounder. Nothing bad about this one, except the continued mystery of why he's single. Rumored to have shared at least one ladyfriend with famous Web 2.0 playboy Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg (not at the same time, dirty minds). When we asked Stoppelman about said companion at a party, he greeted the question with stony silence. Which was kind of dashing, really!

There's one techie on the Nob Hill list whom we're leaving off. Why? He's a bachelor, but of the confirmed sort, and we didn't want to get anyone's hopes up. Sorry, ladies. In San Francisco's tech industry, except for the above five, they really are all taken or gay!

Speaking of taken, a tipster noticed that filthy rich YouTube founder Steve Chen dropped off the list this year. Does this mean he's secretly gotten hitched?