· We had no idea that what downed US Airways 1549 was a Canadian Goose temporarily blinded by Jon Hamm's gorgeousness.

· You know when someone does a funny bit, and then goes on with it so long it ceases to be funny, then continues until it actually becomes funny again? This Jimmy Fallon parody of the Christian Bale rant is exactly like that, minus the first and last parts.
· The AP is suing HOPE poster dude/Coachella performer/shamelessly longwinded self-promoter Shepard Fairey for using their image without credit or prior permission. Tell Losanjealous how you feel about that in their poll on the matter. (We're firmly Team I totally blame Coldplay!)
· Chewbacca is a gigantic Veronica Mars fan. Don't get him started!
· Michael Phelps has been dumped by Kellogg's over his bong photo, yes. What's more, a 25-year-old Japanese sumo wrestler named Wakakirin was banned from the sport for a weed arrest. When will this insanity stop? Snowboarders—we need your guidance, now more than ever.