· Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman will star in "fertility-themed comedy" The Baster. After Marley & Me and HJNTIY, we honestly don't think we'll be able to survive the press tour on this one. [Variety]

· Influential visual effects house The Orphanage, who did some of the effects on Iron Man and Pirates of the Caribbean, is shutting down operations. *Sad face outfitted with dazzlingly complex heads-up display and shoulder-mounted rocket-launchers.* [Variety]
· Suave, debonair, dazzlingly gorgeous AMC star Peter Bart (suck it, Hamm) and Peter Guber will bring their act to primetime for a series of specials called StoryMakers, featuring "gatherings of top actors in roundtable discussions of current entertainment topics." [Variety]
· David E. Kelley repertory player Loretta Devine gets a series regular spot on Legally Mad. [THR]
· Timothy Hutton will co-star in The Ghost, a Roman Polanski film about a ghostwriter hired to write a former British PM's memoirs. Ewan McGregor plays the writer, Pierce Brosnan the PM, Tom Wilkinson, James Belushi (spittake) and Kim Cattrall (second spittake) fill out the rest of the cast. Shooting begins this week in Berlin. [THR]