In your finally Friday media column: TV Guide wants ads on its cover, Journalism students wake up, Twitter has awards, and old folks will soon be (more) confused:

Oh ho, TV Guide president Scott Crystal says that the ASME guidelines banning things like ads on the cover of magazines should be "blown up." Actual, factual ASME response quote: "Oh, criminy." If we can't depend on TV Guide to uphold the highest ethical editorial standards, who can we depend on? What's next, magazines that suck? [Pic: Adrants]

Journalism students are worried they may not be able to find jobs when they graduate. ZOUNDS. Perhaps part of the problem is journalism professors, who continuously say things like this: "If it gives you goose bumps when you're sitting across from somebody, because you're getting them to tell you what's really on their mind so you can share that with other people, I'd say go for it." Sir, that is the job description of a fast food cashier.

Borderline insane CNN personality and Twitterer Rick Sanchez will be hosting an awards show next week, in Brooklyn, for the best Twitterers. The sheer volume of useless Twitterclusterfuckery to come out this ceremony will be unmeasurable by man or god.


Even though Congress delayed the mandatory national switch to digital cable until the summer, "dozens" of TV stations are still planning to turn off their analog signals on Feb. 17. This will be a good opportunity for old people to read a book, for four months.