You know one thing that schools should really be teaching our kids these days, for the good of the world? How to get "Internet famous." If only...oh hey, there is a class for that already!

This is what college-aged kids are lacking: internet fame. Luckily Parsons New School has a real live class that will guide them down the path to becoming the next Julia Allison. Whee! This is what all those New School protesters were fighting for. The right to get commented upon. Current made this little newsy video about the class, gleaning some insights from esteemed professor, who, btw, urges you: "Mad props if you register a Current account and vote us up on their site. Further props for retweets, reblogs, re-edits, remixes, reposts, crossposts, sideposts, you name it. That's what we're all about baby."

May this post offer them spiritual fulfillment. Mmm, smell it. Spiritual fulfillment!