What took him so long? Terry Semel, the Hollywood boss who abruptly quit his job as Yahoo's CEO in 2007, has frozen his daughter Courtenay's trust fund.

He also won't answer her phone calls, she told the New York Post. "I don't want to be known for all this craziness in my life," said Courtenay. Nor, presumably, does Terry. A recap of her adventures:

  • Had a public dalliance with Lindsay Lohan, the actress's first known same-sex relationship.
  • Fought with ex Casey Johnson, who said Courtenay set fire to her hair, a claim she denies.
  • Dated MySpace fameball Tila Tequila (they were last seen smooching in December).
  • Told a security guard at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas to "just f—-ing Google me, you dumb f—-."

That off-brand moment in Vegas may have been the last straw for Terry. Now Courtenay's on her own — a conveniently dramatic plot point in the reality show she's working on!