Honestly, what is up with CBS News anchorlady Katie Couric? First she lets a high-school reporter scoop her, and now she's too lazy to get to a studio for Howie Kurtz's Reliable Sources?

From a transcript of the CNN show:

KURTZ: And Katie Couric joins me now by phone from New York. And Katie, we appreciate you calling in. You were so anxious to be on the program that you called in early. We had to call you back.
COURIC: Well, I didn't want to be late, Howie. I got nervous, because I've been on the receiving end of late calls, so I didn't want to do that to you.


COURIC: But it's nice to talk to you.

KURTZ: Same here.

What, she has enough time to call in early, but she can't be bothered to get in makeup and have her driver take her to a studio? We'd go on, but we wouldn't want to be one of those bad critical people Couric complained to Kurtz about:

KURTZ: Some of the early criticism, you know, turned kind of personal, and is a woman really right for evening news anchor? And I just wonder whether that was a painful period for you at all?

COURIC: I mean, you know, listen, it's not a lot of fun being pummeled in the press. But on the other hand, I've always had enough confidence in my abilities and my work to know that sometimes there are larger issues at work here about the role of women in society and, you know, sort of — I didn't really take it that personally. I think that there are a lot of unhappy, sort of insecure, vitriolic people out there, and I always sort of feel bad for them, that this is how they spend their time.

Instead, we will leave you with this bit of repartée:

KURTZ: While we have you, we're seeing you on "The Today Show."

Oh, that's an interesting one. You'll have to see a tape of this.

COURIC: I was pregnant. I actually am watching these.

KURTZ: OK. You've got the TV on.

COURIC: Yes. I kind of like the John King shot of me feeding him grapes the best.

KURTZ: Yes. Do you have an explanation for that before we go?

COURIC: I don't really remember, but I do remember being over there with John. And he's a great reporter, and I'm so happy for his success.

Anyone catch the grape-feeding photo in question? If so, please send it in.

(Still via Huffington Post)