As Seth Meyers pointed out on Saturday Night Live last night, Kellogg Company's image is closer to that of bong-smoking Olympian Michael Phelps than the cereal maker likes to admit.

Kellogg's Keebler Eleves, after all, "live together in a treehouse and do nothing all day but think of new things to put cheese on." (See clip above.)

The company already seems to regret slamming Phelps for his on-camera smoking, and is now claiming the toking had nothing to do with Kellogg's decision to let Phelps' endorsement deal expire.

Perhaps Kellogg's finally took a hard look at its own website, which illustrated all the munchies-relieving ways its products can be used:

Top Five Kellogg's Recipes For StonersDessert Nachos


Meyers wasn't kidding, this is an actual recipe from the Kellogg's site, involving flour tortillas and "Smart Start" cereal. We doubt stoners would bother with all the finely-sliced fresh fruit, particularly when they could just add extra chocolate chips.

Top Five Kellogg's Recipes For StonersGold Medal Sundae

Rice Krispies treats + ice cream + "gold medal" reference = perfect post-pipe snack for an Olympic-medallion-dappled swimmer.

Gummy Worm S'mores

There's a certain lazy genius at work here.

Apple Jacks Ice Cream Balls

Pretty much what the name implies, plus caramel sauce. Fast, delicious, and requiring very little eye-hand coordination.

Rice Krispies Treats Drumsticks

This involves peanut butter, Rice Krispies treats and Cocoa Krispies. Bonus points: the recipe could be easily adapted to include an actual fried-chicken drumstick in the center.

Runners-up: Cheez-It Surprise Soup, Krispy Ham Roll-Ups

Full video: SNL