Can you no longer afford your lifestyle ever since the economy went out for a pack of cigarettes and never came back? Well then, MTV's True Life would like to talk to you.

The network recently sent out a casting call, looking for folk who were living the high life before the crash, but are now forced to live like lowly commoners:

Were you living large but hit hard by the current economic situation? Did you have a pimped out crib and now have to downsize? Has you new financial status affected your relationships because you can no longer play with the high rollers? Are you dating someone who had it all, but find yourself disappointed to have to swap five course entrees for five dollar foot longs? Do you feel that you can't possibly give up the life you worked for, but are left with no other choice? If you have answered ‘yes' to any of these, then MTV would like to hear your story.

True Life is one of MTV's better shows—often independently-produced hour long documentaries about three young people dealing with a particular issue ("I'm Living a Lie," "I'm Getting Married," etc.). So maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have your story told in an episode. You can email them if you want to share. Or! If you are justifiable wary of reality TV, you can send your story to us and we can run it as anonymously as you like.