Chris Brown Allegedly Attacks Rihanna, Own Career With 'Deadly Weapon'

Though the story that Chris Brown may have assaulted Rihanna over the weekend is dispiriting enough, in Hollywood, things can always get worse. Now, news is breaking about a new allegation.

First some background: the young singers were leaving a Clive Davis pre-Grammy party late Saturday night when the altercation allegedly happened outside their vehicle. Rihanna went to Cedars Sinai sporting facial bruises, while Brown fled the scene, only to eventually turn himself in (under the charge of making "criminal threats") before posting bail. His lawyer? None other than the ubiquitous Mark Geragos, who's also repped Winona Ryder and Michael Jackson.

Now, though, TMZ is reporting that an investigation is ongoing to charge Brown with assault with a deadly weapon—though the weapon in question is unknown. A simple fistfight or series of punches rarely progresses beyond a battery charge, so Brown would have had to use an outside object in the assault (or his own feet, as kicking a victim can be construed as using a deadly weapon). Then there are the bite marks that some news outlets are reporting Rihanna was found with. Ugh. Our thoughts go out to America's Barbadian sweetheart. (Depressingly) developing...