Tired of Christian Bale spoofs and Michael Cera's obstinate reluctance to sign on to the Arrested Development movie? Have we got a video for you!

Enjoy this clip taped during reshoots for Cera's upcoming Youth in Revolt, in which we suppose the actor is satirizing Bale's starry sense of self-entitlement (which would only be more ironic if Joaquin Phoenix then satirized Cera satirizing Bale). "Maybe this would be a funny thing to do on my downtime," Cera no doubt mused, and then it wasn't really, yet it still made it to YouTube, regardless. If it all this fake fighting seems familiar, maybe that's because Cera already pulled a similar stunt when visiting the set of Knocked Up, which was almost two years ago. Suddenly, we have a new idea for Arrested creator Mitch Hurwitz: write a lot of improvised feuding scenes for Cera, then pitch the movie to him as a series of viral videos. Problem solved!