Chris Brown/Rihanna Update: Could Bite Marks Mean Another Felony?

Questions are continuing to pile up in the Chris Brown/Rihanna dispute, including debate over whether there was a deadly weapon involved and speculation that a second felony charge could be coming down the pike.

TMZ issued a clarification of its earlier report that Brown is being investigated for assault with a deadly weapon, claiming that while the police report still cites that particular penal code, no actual weapon was involved (though as we noted earlier, a foot could be considered a deadly weapon). However, LAPD spokeswoman April Harding told E! that "there is absolutely no truth to that story. If it had been a deadly weapon involved, he would have been charged with a deadly weapons charge."

Still, the county DA says no evidence has been received, meaning the investigation is still ongoing. One upcoming point of contention could be the bite marks allegedly found on Rihanna's body. If the dental evidence pins the bites on Brown, and any flesh was removed, that could add up to an additional charge of "assault with intent to commit mayhem"—a felony. Still depressing, and still developing...