Who was that in the Grammys press area, screaming out the biggest cheers of the night? Some kind of obsessive, barely-credentialed teenaged blogger? Hardly.

It was apparently a veteran Time Inc. reporter. Wrote LAist:

In case you were wondering if the mainstream entertainment press are freaky music fans like the rest of us, the answer is yes. When Jennifer and Christian of Sugarland walked into the press area, the reporter from Entertainment Weekly went deeply country, erupting into the biggests hoots and hollahs y'all heard all night.

And who would that be? Judging from EW's liveblog, we're guessing Whitney Pastorek, the on-scene reporter whose liveblog entry about the country music duo's win for "SIMON: Best Country Duo/Group Performance with Vocals" consisted of the following:

WHITNEY: WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (This is my reaction to Sugarland winning. It is very articulate.)

Harmless fun or journalistic travesty? That would depend on just how good Sugarland really is. But someone should really get to the bottom of this. We'd hate to lose our unshakable faith in the scientific accuracy and total objectivity of EW's letter-grade music reviews.