The brutal Rihanna-Chris Brown spectacle got somehow worse, as did Miley Cyrus' racism scandal and the gossip about Gwyneth Paltrow's marriage. Must be Tuesday.

  • Rihanna's facial injuries were "horrific," law enforcement sources told TMZ, with major contusions on both sides of her face, a split lip and bloody nose, plus bite marks on her arms "and several fingers." Chris Brown bowed out of an NBA All Star event. Some websites speculated wildly about the cause of the fight.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow didn't hang out with husband Chris Martin after the Grammys, and he spent 45 minutes talking to some other woman. Which would be kind of "meh" as far as scandal goes, except the couple's marriage has long been rumored on the rocks. [Gatecrasher]
  • A national Asian American group was not satisfied with Miley Cyrus' first apology for doing a dumb "Asian people" imitation, so the singer apologized again. She's sorry people were offended about her "unintentionally hurtful" actions. In fairness, basically all 16-year-olds suck at mea culpas.
  • Madonna's Brazilian model boy toy used to charge $225 per fashion show. Now it's $135,000. He's not returning his old manager's calls. All thanks to this one photo spread.That and, you know, having an affair with a famous lady four years older than his mother.
  • Vanity Fair's Oscar party is back, but much smaller than before. [WWD]
  • Page Six writes another very friendly item about Dick Parsons. This one actually uses the word "valentine." Hmmm.