Hollywood may never fully recover from the WGA-strike-plagued awards season of 2008, marred by trophy presentations on Veoh, a potluck Governor's Ball, and—most shocking of all—the complete cancellation of the Vanity Fair party.

It was editor-in-chief Graydon Carter himself who called in the orders to screw shut the fudge spigots that would have turned Morton's into a living, breathing Chocolate Rainforest, replete with edible gummy macaques and a live musical performance by Tay Zonday. We bring good news, however: The Vanity Fair party is indeed on this year, albeit relocated to the far more intimate Sunset Tower Bar, in keeping with the current climate of corporate thriftiness. What's more, the magazine has secured the sponsorship of three blue-chip advertisers to fuel their week of Oscar starfuckery. From wwd.com:

The series of pre-Oscar events, christened "Campaign Hollywood" and cosponsored by advertisers BMW, Dior and Bally, begins Monday with VF portraits of Oscar-nominated and -winning actors being unveiled in the windows of Rodeo Drive boutiques...

On Feb. 20, daytime festivities include a test-drive of the new BMW 7 Series beginning at Griffith Park Observatory and ending with lunch at the John Lautner-designed Garcia Home.

That night's festivities include Bally's Hollywood Domino party on the rooftop of the new Andaz West Hollywood hotel, hosted by Bally creative director Brian Atwood and Kate Bosworth to benefit the Art of Elysium.

Finally, the magazine's famed post-Oscar party returns this year in a new location, the Sunset Tower hotel, which boasts a killer view but much less space than Morton's. Already several regular invitees have noticed the scale back, quietly asking one another, "I didn't get my invite this year, did you?"

If you're a regular on the guest list and have yet to receive yours, don't panic. In a cost-cutting measure, they've decided to forgo stamped invites, in favor of tagging potential guests in a Facebook note from Carter asking for "25 Facts About You Proving Your Worth To Our Fabulous A-list Party." Failing that, there's always the last-ditch, Sean Young approach: big sunglasses, black Reeboks, and hauling tail like your career depends upon it.