Press release of the day: Do you care deeply about landmine victims, and also about your own personal cleanliness? Now you can combine those two interests, with the world's grimmest bar of soap:

With a simple act of washing our hands, we can help wash the earth clean of landmines. Cleanup is a new line of all-natural soap formed in the shape of landmines. Cleanup raises funds for landmine removal and survivor assistance and also promotes awareness of the global landmine crisis...

"I came upon the idea of developing soaps in the shape of landmines because of the powerful message it sends: when raising funds for landmine removal, the point is for them to disappear, said [the product designer]i. As the soap disappears, so do the landmines."

Buy now! Before those thieving fuckers from Operation Smile rip off the idea with their Cleft Palate toothpaste.