Will Smith may be the biggest star in Hollywood, but which actors showed up at the very bottom (out of 1411 names!) in Forbes's new Star Currency survey?

The last half of the starpower-ranking list has generated the most fun debates in Defamer HQ today (#1372 Sally Kirkland over #1390 Mary Lynn Rajskub?), but the final page of the eleven lowest names has surely meant for some fired agents (as well as the dawning realization that perhaps one's second cousin Barry shouldn't act as one's publicist). Let's meet some of the low scorers and see whether they've got a shot at moving up or down in the rankings next time.

#1401: Kristin Kreuk
Best Known For: Playing Lana Lang on TV's Smallville, though she's no longer a series regular.
Why She Could Move Up: Has a videogame-based movie coming out this month called Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, and she's the titular character.
Why She Might Move Down: The trailer barely features her and doesn't even let her speak. Also: terrible IMDb headshot.

#1402: Jensen Ackles
Best Known For: Appearing as one-half of the demon-hunting Winchester brothers in the CW's Supernatural.
Why He Could Move Up: Has an insanely devoted fangirl following that will freak out upon learning of his low placement, storm the offices of Forbes, and sic a vast and populous housecat army on the cruel editors who designed this survey.
Why He Might Move Down: Clawed-to-death Forbes writers no longer around to conduct future survey updates.

#1407: Ryan Pinkston
Best Known For: Using his young looks and diminutive stature to ask outrageous red carpet questions on Punk'd.
Why He Could Move Up: The 21-year-old Pinkston can still play way below his age—and without all those pesky requirements that come with hiring a minor!
Why He Might Move Down: Pinkston had his shot at being a movie lead, and his 2007 New Line starrer Full Of It made exactly $14,273. Total.

#1411: Sasha Alexander
Best Known For: You may remember her as Pacey's Van Der Beek-seducing sister from Dawson's Creek, but your parents would recognize her from her stint on NCIS.
Why She Could Move Up: Well, she certainly couldn't move down! Still, despite her rock-bottom ranking, Alexander has actually scored parts in some recent big comedies: Yes Man and He's Just Not That Into You.
Why She Might Move Down: Forbes full of James Van Der Beek fans who always shipped Dawson and Joey.