Yuli Ziv, an internet marketer, has for some reason decided to form a "guild" for fashion bloggers called Style Coalition. The idea is to be as toothless and sold-out as fashion magazines.

Or as Ziv told the Observer, she wants to gain access to industry events by being less "negative" and "nasty."

You can take the negative handle and you can survive for a while, but you'll only get to a certain point. Eventually you have to change.

Funny thing: New York Times fashion writer Cathy Horyn is easily among the most influential in the business, and she's famous for getting banned from the shows of a long list of designers. Strange, then, that Ziv is so interested in positivity and access.

If Ziv and her partners are so inspired that the internet allows a designer to "become very successful without any blessing from the big folks," they should go find those scrappy little designers, instead of clamoring to get in to events dominated by the major names. And they should think twice about trying to become one of the "big folks" handing out blessings.