Fashion Week this year will just be full of commoners and riff-raff, because people are scalping "tickets" for it all over Craigslist! The five priciest—and five cheapest—"tickets" below. Buy some for the hobos!

Please note: These could all be scams. Or more likely, a mix of scams, waiters trying to sneak you in the back, and broke reporters trying to make a buck off their extra press passes. Okay!

Most Expensive

"Project Runway Fashion Week @ Mercedes Benz IMG": $750

A slew of options including Marc Jacobs, William Rast, Zac Posen, and others: $600

Caroline Herrera: $599

Project Runway: $500

William Rast: $399


Tadashi Shoji: $80

Bineth: $69

LEIFSDOTTIR Presentation: $69

Loris Diran: $59

"I am a hot female with blonde hair and big boobs looking to go to fashion week": $1

Perhaps not coincidentally, there's expected to be less star power than usual at Fashion Week this year. [Pic via]