Firmly establishing The Ellen DeGeneres Show as the place where disgruntled Grey's Anatomy actors can go to seethe about their dropped costars, Eric Dane appeared today and was promptly asked about Katherine Heigl.

Much like Patrick Dempsey before him, who left his thoughts on the Grey's gaywashing unspoken but clearly evident, Dane told DeGeneres that he couldn't confirm reports that Heigl and T.R. Knight will be leaving at the end of the season. That came, however, after Dane bored his eyes into DeGeneres's very soul for a long, silent, uncomfortable moment, hoping to telepathically convey the information, "Yes! Finally, time for the Danester to move up on the call sheet...#6, here I come!" Sadly, his extended stare at DeGeneres was construed by ABC brass to be indicative of lesbian leanings, and after he left the pipe-busting Ellen set, he was summarily fired.