ET's coverage of Dancing with the Stars has traditionally been exhaustive, so why has their every mention of the new cast omitted perky fluff oracle Nancy O'Dell?

As TV Week points out, the rival anchor from Access Hollywood has yet to appear in a single ETOnline post about the upcoming season:

"‘Dancing With the Stars' has called 13 new celebrities to the dance floor and, for the first time, three real-life couples will battle in the ballroom-‘ET' reveals the dance partner pairing," reads the beginning of the story, but it then only lists 12 competitors. Guess who's missing?

This seems to us entirely unsportsmanlike, as Access Hollywood was more than generous in their coverage of ET regular Marie Osmond's Nutrisystem-induced fainting spell and subsequent descent into babydoll madness. You can't simply will Ms. O'Dell out of existence, ET! She's in it to win it, and sooner or later, you'll be forced to acknowledge her sizzling Cha-cha-chá.