Weep for the DABA girls: an actual statistical analysis of the New York Times' wedding page reveals that finance guys just aren't getting married as much as they used to. Because they're all fired, probably!

The Big Money analyzed the past three years of the NYT's rarefied wedding section, and—surprise—Brad, a structured finance analyst at Lehman Bros., is no longer so enthusiastic to propose to Melissa, a fashion PR specialist:

[In] our sample, around half of the grooms getting hitched in 2006-07 and 2007-08 were in finance, real estate, and insurance; media; and affiliated markets and industries like consultancies, luxury goods retail and promotion, and fundraising...

The bottom quickly fell out of both markets. From the end of October 2008 to this last weekend, only 36 percent (49 out of 137) of the grooms came from these fields, more than a 14 percentage-point drop.

The non-couple will not be honeymooning in St. Barts, nor residing thereafter on the Upper East Side. [Big Money]