The Stimulus Bill is really long! And it's full of "numbers" and stuff! This is why no one is going to vote for it.

No one in congress has read it, either. The religious right "news" service CNS reports this as if that were a stunning thing, that these Democrats showed up with this long and complicated bill that no one had time to read before they demanded a vote on it, but yeah, that's how congress works. You think anyone reads the fucking farm and transportation bills all the way through?

Still, here is a handy quote that explains why democracy doesn't work:

Rep. John Boozman (R-Ark.) shared that sentiment. "The American public expects for us to get in and know what we're voting on," Boozman said. "But there are very few members from Congress that are going to have time to actually read this thing."

"This is not light reading," Boozman added. "It's difficult reading, it involves policy and things."

"Right now, because of those things, I will probably vote against it," he added.

John, you are a congressman. This is your job. To understand "policy." We don't actually expect any of your heroic citizen legislators to have a keen understanding of economics, but we do hope you have someone on staff who does. Who can maybe explain it to you?