· Run, Clive, run! [The View]

· We defy you to read the story of lost little Oscar No. 3453—the WALL·E of accidentally misrouted kudoware—and not get a little choked up.
· Little Gold Men imagines a Oscars red carpet with no stars. It's so very sad.
· But not as sad as The Saddest Male Models In The World, Part II!
· Jessica Simpson is exploring her fashion options lately. Muumuus, skorts, Snuggies™—anything's fair game.
· Wow. Lindsay at Videogum is the best 30 Rock Easter Egg hunter we know. Check out those Golden Arches. Amazing.
· Michael Jackson may have contracted a severe staph infection. Cobra retreat. RETREAT!
· We honestly had no idea John Wayne Gacy had a Flickr stream. He's been keeping so busy! (Bonus nightmare fuel: video.)
· Meet the newest The Bachelor, ladies. He's a single dad, and he's totally adorable.