Reality Star Who Lived On Camera to Die On Camera

Jade Goody, a 27-year-old British woman suffering from cervical cancer, had her diagnosis broadcast on national television. And now that her illness has been deemed terminal, she'll film her last moments alive.

Goody, a multiple-time Big Brother star in England and India, plans to get married and have her two young sons christened on camera, and will sell the photo rights. She's doing it for three reasons, her publicist says:

What she said to me was simply this - 'I'm doing this for three reasons, one: because I want to make as much money as possible for my children, two: because it keeps me busy, it gives me something to think about other than cancer, and what's going to happen to me,' and three: since last August when she announced she had cancer, the amount of women having cervical smears has gone up over 20% right across Britain and that's something she's very happy about.

Which seems fair enough, I guess. If that's the best way she knows how to raise money for her kids, then that's the best way she knows how to raise money for her kids.


Seems kinda rough though.