Having tried to block it for years, a broke Michael Jackson has finally agreed to auction off a large collection of his belongings. Auctioneers for Julien's Auctions were let into Neverland Ranch to ransack it.

Well, maybe 'ransack' isn't fair, but they did take a hefty amount of the poor sad ruined singer's belongings. Jewel encrusted pants, lavish statuary, various child-sized automobiles. A King of Pop's ransom in bizarre seduction toys, really. Here are a few examples:

Elizabethan portrait, $4,000-6,000


Swarovski crystal-studded glove, $1,000-1,500

Rhinestone-studded socks, $600-800


Full-length red velvet cape with detachable faux ermine collar with gold rope trim, gold metal cross brooch with faux cabachon gems and satin lining, $300-500

Golf cart with image of Jackson as Peter Pan on hood, $4,000-6,000

Michael Jackson robot head from the film Moonwalker, $2,000-3,000

Old Sega flight simulator game with attendant's station, $4,000-6,000

Belt and other jewels from Moonwalker costumes, $1,000-1,500

Hanging swing with elaborate wood carvings, $1,200-1,800

Rolls Royce limousine with custom interior designed by Jackson, $140,000-160,000

A little fire engine tea kettle. $100-200