Alexandra Pelosi—daughter of Fancy Nancy Pelosi, Democratic big shot—has a new documentary out today about why Republicans feel so hurt, by Obama. Point: it reportedly sucks. Counterpoint: but it shows funny Republican hicks!

Downside: the Washington Post says Pelosi doesn't even try to make this a fair documentary; it's just a string of the dumbest people she could find at Republican rallies, saying the dumbest possible things:

All the conventions of the smirking, winking, belittling political documentary are abided by in this film. An inordinate number of the yahoos wear T-shirts and weird caps...There is a young guy whose T-shirt, meant to deride Obama, declares "Say No to Socilism," and when Alexandra Pelosi tells him he's misspelled socialism and asks him to define it, we know he's not going to be able to, that he's going to say something way wrong and stupid — which he does, offering that socialism is "basically, it's like the views of Hitler. It's between like communism and — I don't know what the other word is."

Upside: Yes obviously Alexandra Pelosi is totally in the tank, she is from San Francisco and her mom is a Democratic politician and she is a confirmed member of the liberal media. But can you ever get too many clips of Neanderthal Republican racists? I don't think so! Enjoy a few clips starting about 2:00 in this Pelosi interview with Rachel Maddow, liberal lesbian Democrat in-the-tanker: