Some people defend their online blog antics—sharing, bragging, writing, photographing—as simply a way to let their friends and family know what they're up to. Bullshit! The personal blog is a repository for personal vendettas, thinly-veiled sexual conquests, cries for help, intellectual masturbation, and career undermining. In other words, it is a rather stark portrait of your life, filled with Freudian slips. The thing is, being online every day—bloggin' as a self-promotional tool—wears down your boundaries. The things you'd thought you'd never say suddenly seem perfectly fine. Next thing you know, your blog is no longer some sort of branding mechanism. It's a place where you snap photographs of yourself sleeping. We've pointed out some of the most high-profile culprits.

"Someone posted a friend of mines phone number and says its mine this jackass Karmi, on a website that is coming down but frankly i have waaay more relevanat things to do than worry about a website with insanely inflated viewing numbers some tiny clusterfuck of annoyance that i only ever rememeber when i ( rarely ) go on the internet as i am making music films and raising a child conducting my life getting laid and tivoing suze orman- so wtf?