Did you know: it's sexist to use sports metaphors, because, as we all know, girls don't understand sports. It's true, according to a girl!

Barack Obama's press secretary was supposed to introduce a new era of inclusiveness and feminism maybe because Barack Obama is a liberal and he would end the "old boy's club" atmosphere of Washington. So in order to explain how sexist and anti-woman all of Robert Gibbs' baseball talk is BBC correspondent Katty Kay explains in The Daily Beast that even though she's managed to wrap her silly little female head around complicated things like "politics" she can't handle the occasional off-hand reference to "innings."

I can talk politics with the best of them. I can even make reasonable sense of toxic mortgage assets. Give me Paris, Moscow, or Tokyo and I can usually muster an intelligent observation. But when the talk turns to innings, dunks and touchdowns, sorry, I've nothing remotely sensible to add.

To be fair, sports metaphors in politics are really stupid, Robert Gibbs is clearly kind of a dick, and there is a pervasive chauvinism in the beltway press (it goes hand-in-hand with the blinkered elitism and self-importance). But come on, Katty, you really don't have any clue what Gibbs is saying here?

"Bottom of the fifth [inning], the sausage race is [at] the beginning of the next inning, so stay tuned, and the starting pitcher is in there, still throwing nice curveballs and [he's] still got a lot of heat on the fastball," was how the new White House press secretary described the progress of the economic stimulus bill at a recent briefing....

Slow down, Robert! There are girls here! In order to demonstrate how not-sexist this administration is you'd better reframe the issue in terms of shopping for shoes! (Or, as Katty says, "It's as if Dana Perino had compared getting out of Iraq to extracting yourself from pigeon pose, or tracking Osama to finding vintage Pucci on eBay." Because Dana Perino is a girl, see, and those are things girls know about. Also for fuckssake we'd still be able to follow those metaphors, even though we're boys. Because they're stupidly easy to comprehend even if you have a penis.)

The real problem is that author Katty Kay is British. If Robert Gibbs used cricket metaphors she'd be fine! Or maybe he should just have the lady members of the press corps chase him around the briefing room at high speed while a zany sax theme plays? That's the sort of stuff you Brits get, right?