Whenever Mickey Rourke makes a PR gaffe on his road to comeback semi-redemption, at least we can be assured that he'll go overboard trying to rectify it. So how is he course-correcting his homophobic slur?

By sorta-kinda-coming-on to a male fan in front of the paparazzi, of course! TMZ has the gay-ameliorating footage of Rourke drawing the autograph seeker in for a smoochy clinch (+4 gay points) captured last night outside Paris Hilton's birthday party (-3 gay points). "I'm gonna kiss you all night long," Rourke murmurs to the man (+2) while insisting that he should have been cast in "that gay movie" (-1), Milk (+5 if he would be willing to tape an after-the-fact audition for Diego Luna's character). Are we looking at a surprise, same-sex upset in the derby to become Rourke's Oscar date? Bai Ling, it may be time to raise your game. Roll out of bed, wrap some dental floss around your nipples, and get to work.