Bob Schaffer is a former member of the US House of Representatives, and he was a Republican candidate for the US Senate in 2008. Now he is selling margarita mix on the local news.

From the great state of Colorado, Schaffer began his political career in the Colorado General Assembly at the age of 25. He served 3 terms in the House. But in 2008 he lost his race for the Senate to Mark Udall. And apparently he has no real-world skills, but he does have his wife's homemade margarita mix recipe (hint: it's lime juice).

And so here he is, explaining that he drank away his embarrassing loss, at home, with his wife, and begging a reporter to join him in some afternoon on-the-job tequila. And we're sure his margarita mix will sell great, because nothing says "authentic margarita" like "Republican from Colorado."