What was comely Web-video starlet Veronica Belmont thinking about today? How about Chris Nuttall of the Financial Times? VentureBeat blogger Eric Eldon? Cats, fags, gadgets, and Facebook preoccupied the Twitterati.

Mancunian editrix Louise Bolotin recounted her cat's lepidoptivorous habits.

Chris Nuttall of the Financial Times was so on vacation that he couldn't even type "holiday."

Geek videoblogger Veronica Belmont came up with a great new business model for Facebook.

British journalist Debbie James was grateful for fags, by which we think she meant "cigarettes."

VentureBeat editor Eric Eldon mindlessly fondled a gadget. Oh, is that what the kids are calling it?

Anyone else's tweets we should keep an eye on? Send us more Twitter usernames, please.