What is the world coming to, when the bottom-feeding British press can't even trust 13 year-olds to be truthful about whether they were the one who screwed the 15 year-old and made a baby?

Young Alfie Patten got plenty of press when it was announced he was a 13 year-old father. Now they say it might have all been a scam! Cooked up by the responsible adults, obviously.

Chantelle Stedman was told by her mother to say that 13-year-old Alfie was the baby's father so that they could cash in on their incredible story, according to a close friend of Chantelle's parents.

Clive Sim, 39, claims that the schoolgirl was ordered to keep quiet about sleeping with other boys so that the 'teenage dad' story could be sold to newspapers for thousands of pounds.

Hey, is this so different from putting your preteen girl in a beauty pageant, or hounding your 12 year-old son to practice more so he'll make the big leagues and give you a comfy retirement? America exploits its kids the healthy way, thank you very much! Anyhow the crack British press notes that "It has been suggested that there are another six potential fathers" of this poor baby and surely there will be many more details to come, ugh ugh ugh let's all go take showers now. [Daily Mail UK; Pic via]