Hero Illinois Senator Roland Burris apparently did a little bit of lying under oath about how Rod Blagojevich's brother got him to try to raise some money for Blago, and suddenly no one likes him anymore!

Well, not a lot of people liked him to begin with, but he ended up getting seated anyway. He seemed at first like a harmless political also-ran allowing himself to be used by evil Blago, then he was an opportunist, then he was a crazy person who had a giant monument to himself built in a graveyard, which endeared him to some (us).

But now he's looking like another shitty Chicago politician, and one almost as dangerously narcissistic as Blago himself, and not so much fun to have around in the Senate. Gee, who know actually seating the guy Rod Blagojevich appointed would turn out to be a bit of an embarrassment? Once again, nice work, Harry Reid.

Now, at least, it'll be easier to mount a primary challenge against him with actual candidates.

[Photo: AP]