The tragic, pre-Oscar passing of Mickey Rourke's chihuahua, Loki, is clearly the most ill-timed thing to have happened since Barack Obama's grandmother died just before the election. Join us for a Loki retrospective.

As these pictures show, both on and off the red carpet, Rourke only had eyes for Loki. Our chihuahua-compiling research also turned up evidence that before The Wrestler came out last year, Rourke used to host a weekly, Loki-dedicated night of karaoke at Rokbar in Miami. He did this shirtless, wearing a black leather vest, as is the custom in Florida.

Rest in peace, Loki. You died too late to join the "In Memoriam" pool, but we'll be saving our applause for you regardless.

[Photo Credit: AP, Getty Images, WENN, X17]