If you've not yet recovered from the news that 103.1 had bitten down on a cyanide tablet rather than convert to a corporate-mandated Indie-and-Some-Celine format, steel yourselves for further L.A. radio carnage: 97.1's dead.

The talk radio home to Adam Carolla, Tom Leykis and Sam Phillips—who announced the news in a Facebook status update—is owned by CBS, who, says Franklin Avenue, want to flip it to a top 40 format to compete with Clear Channel's KIIS-FM.

Speculation is centering on the youth-oriented AMP Radio format, which already runs on the HD-2 signal for KCBS/93.1 "Jack FM."

According to Radio Insight, someone recently, quietly registered the web domains AmpRadioLA.com, Amp971.com, and Amp971fm.com on February 9.

"AMP Radio" artists include Lady Gaga, T.I., Rihanna, Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Beyonce.

A Howard Stern Show news board is reporting Carolla, who replaced Stern after Stern left for Sirius, has been fired. Friday also happens to be Conan O'Brien's last day on the air. It's as if all these beloved, long-running things are coming to an end this week, isn't it?