White House Staff's Fancy Four Seasons Party

Barack Obama's people might throw East Coast media elite parties at the Four Seasons, but they totally make up for it with that penny-pinching cabinet member from Kansas.

  • The White House decorator and socialite social secretary Desiree Rogers (pictured) threw a lunch at the Four Seasons to hobnob with some New York media bigshots. Who paid? Is there a right answer to that question?
  • Barack Obama's "confidante" swears the president has his BlackBerry videogame habit under control. He can quit playing "BrickBreaker" any time he wants. [Star]
  • The president's top pick to head the Department Health and Human Services constantly returns things after wearing them once. And we're going to trust this monster with out childrens' lives?? [P6]
  • Madonna is planning to bring Brazilian model Jesus Luz to the Oscars. [OK!]
  • Angelina Jolie might run into Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars, so she wants to spend $20 million on a diamond necklace. High-end jewelers are whiny about this, since they can afford to be, in this booming economy. [OK!]
  • The father of Nadya Suleman's first six babies apparently can't figure out when he himself was born. [Us]
  • Bruce Wasserstein, the Lazard chief and New York magazine owner, had a baby between his third and fourth wives with a woman he reportedly promised to help get pregnant. But he must have eventually promised a bit more because now he's involved with raising the child. [P6]
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are maybe in a big not-talking-or-being-at-the-same-ridiculous-party-together fight. [Gatecrasher]