Remember that scene in The Wrestler where Mickey Rourke's character buys steroids from that big muscly guy? Well that guy, named Scott Siegel, has just been arrested. For selling steroids. You know, in real life.

As the Oscar-nominated indie is his only credit on IMDB, it's not clear whether Siegel is actually an actor or just a dealer that Darren Aronofsky stumbled upon. Though it would appear to be the latter. Either way, he's kinda fucked. Not only did a warrant search uncover 1,500 bottles of anabolic steroids and tens of thousands of dollars in cash, at his parents' house no less, but he also tried to elude the police by smashing into several of their cars and nearly running over a few officers. The best parts of the detective's complaint are below. Life imitating art or art imitating life? Either way, we just hope this doesn't mean that Mickey Rourke is going to maybe-die in a meeting hall somewhere in Delaware.