As if it wasn't bad enough that Bernie Madoff went and took millions from wealthy Jewish people in Palm Beach and then made it disappear, it seems some gentiles down there are happy about it!

Crack ABC investigative reporter Brian Ross traveled to darkest Palm Beach and discovered: some people suspect that non-Jews weren't altogether sad about their Jewish neighbors being scammed out of all that money, if you get our drift!

"It is a terrible thing to say, but some of the WASPs are delighted, they take great pleasure in this," said[Palm Beach chronicler Laurence] Leamer, who said he's heard several times that some think "these Jews finally got what's coming to them."

Sounds mean. What else?

While the Rabbi says Jews live comfortably in Palm Beach and everyone gets along, "I think in certain circles there was probably some people saying good, they got what they deserved."

This story is probably totally true while also being so thinly sourced as to be almost totally just random rumors, but still, good angle, and also ABC got a chance to use "Oy!" in a headline, so there's that too.

Gentiles are jerks, believe it! [ABC. Pic: Faithmouse]