Though the new season of Project Runway hasn't aired yet (thanks, Weinsteins!), the show was forced to present its mysterious final collections today at Fashion Week, regardless. What kind of catchphrase-spouting designers should we expect?

According to Racked:

We never saw the three finalists-just their collections. The first was urban, body-conscious, and leather-heavy; the second dramatic and feminine; and the third, which struck us as the most sophisticated, involved a lot of structured jackets, big sweaters, and Peter Pan hats.

Based on these descriptions and the photos below, we think we can safely determine the following:

Designer #1: The quiet female contestant from Des Moines, Iowa, whose designs are "urban" and "street" for some reason.
Catchphrase: "Z.X. and Candelabra got into a bitch-fight at Mood and I was just like, 'No drama, homies.' (Sigh)."

Designer #2: The older villain who channels his inability to break into the upper echelons of the fashion world into chain-smoking and less-clever-than-he-thinks put-downs.
Catchphrase: "Listen: I've designed red carpet looks for Ali Larter and Vivica A. Fox, Okaaay?"

Designer #3: The adorable, gay fan favorite.
Catchphrase: "Oh. My God. That emline-hay is SO abulous-fay!"

Also, Heidi Klum was dressed like a main character's one-shot lesbian cousin from Dynasty. That is all.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]