Ha, here is a funny little story about America's most comical PR agency, Ronn [sic] Torossian-led 5WPR. This story comes from a former 5W Vice President! It's about sex:

CareerBuilder has some "True Tales" from bosses about workers behaving badly. Here's one:

"Earlier this year, when I was senior vice president at my previous employer, two employees were having an interoffice romance. Their attempts to cover it up were ham-fisted at best. One afternoon, both employees were conspicuously missing from the office for an extended period of time. I was suspicious and began asking employees about their whereabouts. Suddenly, my mobile phone rang and a fellow [co-worker] reported them departing hand-in-hand from a cheap hotel (with no lobby or restaurant) two blocks from the office. We couldn't wait for them to get back." - Kevin A. Mercuri, president, Propheta Communications

Who's Kevin Mercuri?

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