Faith Popcorn, noted "futurist" of the early 1990s, was mainly known as one of New York's worst bosses 15 years later. As the attached job listing shows, she's maintaining that reputation.

A job-hunting tipster found the Popcorn job description (above) posted on LinkedIn. The bits about the "60+ hour workweek," "wild pace" and needing to "thrive on stress" were sufficient to drive this person away in terror.

Popcorn doesn't appear to have updated the job description in years; she mentions "a four-year-old Chinese girl" even though her own Chinese daughter — Georgica Sawn Pond Rose Petal Qi Xin, for reals — should be 11 by now and have long since settled on a primary "Gifted and Talented school."

Then again, maybe Popcorn doesn't need to adapt her corporate materials as the years go by. As she no doubt appreciates, today's job market bears a closer resemblance to the futurist's recessionary heyday of nearly two decades ago than to any economic period of recent memory.