Rahm Emanuel cannot leave his office without generating a colorful anecdote involving profanity. Today's installment: Rahm went to a movie!

He went to see The Wrestler, in DC, at a regular person theater (Obama didn't invite him to the White House screening? We bet Rahm talks over movies all the damn time.) And then:

"The guy sitting next to Rahm — literally sharing an armrest with him — had a seizure of some kind," the moviegoer tells me. "Rahm used some vulgarities to impress upon the movie theater staff — who wanted to move the guy out of the movie theater so they could restart the film — that they should wait until EMS got there."

A lesser political mind would've convinced the staff to let the seizing man remain where he was until help arrived with politeness, but not our Rahm!

(We can't believe Ben Smith completely neglected to mention how Rahm's dangerous non-ideological centrism almost got this man killed when Republican paramedics balked at Rahm's supposedly bipartisan attempts to resuscitate the man, but that's your liberal media for you.)